Thursday, May 11, 2017

A Handmaid's Tale

A couple of things that came to my mind while I was watching A Handmaid's Tale , i am now on episode 5. For those who are not aware of the show, it's about a dystopian future (is there any other type of future in Hollywood?) where due to poor fertility, fertile women are captured and forced to be slaves (ahem handmaids) to rich powerful couples who want a child. No prizes for guessing how they use these women. (Super duper mild spoilers, if you can even call them that)
1. Not a fan of the lead actress , they should have gotten Megan Fox.
2. These are the most covered sex slaves in any show ever made about sex slaves.
3. Asian women must not be very fertile in the future despite having the highest birth rates currently, as I did not see a single Asian handmaid so far. At least they have black handmaids.
4. This would make a really twisted but entertaining porn parody. I am already writing the screenplay in my head.
5. Joseph Fiennes is back!! Haven't seen him since that sex movie with Heather Graham.
6. Gilmore Girl Rory as a handmaid? I am not sure I am cool with that.
7. Why not handmaiden instead of handmaid? What's the difference anyway?
8. Scrabble? Really?
9. It would be awesome to be a man in this future. For women, not so much.
10. It would have been really cool if the handmaids were called that because they had to use their hands to know....
This is a really good show , but super disturbing. Go catch it.

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