Sunday, February 09, 2014

Life's Challenges

Sometimes in life, you face seemingly impossible challenges. Challenges you never though you would ever have to face. Until the day when one of them drop right onto you, knocking the breath out of you literally suffocating you, leaving you no other choice than to face them head on. Tomorrow morning , I will be facing such a challenge. I am getting my wisdom teeth taken out, after which I will be unable to talk for up to a week.

Taking away the gift of speech from an Indian man (even if it is temporary) is as cruel as forcing a rich man to endure the stench of public transport. But to be honest, I am less concerned about my own well being. Instead I am more worried about my friends as they will miss the presence of my delightful and witty humour in their arguably mundane lives for the next few days. They are the ones I will have in my mind and in my heart, as I writhe around in unspeakable agony while forcing myself to eat baby food just to stay alive.

But this is life isn't it? How can you truly appreciate the beauty of what life has offered us, if you have not experienced the depths of ugliness that that same life can bring? No you cannot! And so I bravely take up this cross, for I do believe at the end of this excruciating journey there will be light.

I am no hero , just in case you wish to throw that meaningless title onto me. I am just a man who cares for his friends more than for himself.