Sunday, October 14, 2012

Thoughts about Snow White and the Huntsman

Watched Snow White and the Huntsman today and noticed the following:

1. Snow White looks surprising well-fed for someone who was kept in a dungeon for like 6+ years. That's one dungeon that takes its nutrition really seriously

2. Apparently the dungeon has its own tailor/seamstress who measures and outfits the prisoners as they grow into adulthood.

3. Snow White, while being the fairest in the land, was definitely not the sharpest in the land. She didn't even realize there was a makeshift weapon outside her cell window until a bird showed it to her. You would have though she would have at least checked once in those 6+ years she was in the cell.

4. I sniggered when the mirror called Snow White pure of heart, cos you would never heard that phrase and "Kristen Stewart" in the same sentence.

5. Why would anyone believe a mirror that would say Kristen Stewart is more beautiful than Charlize Theron. How about getting a 2nd opinion from another mirror eh Queen?

6. Prince William was so bland that I wasn't actually shocked when Snow White failed to rise from the dead after he kissed her.

7. Evil queen could have at least have had sex with the king before killing him. I mean you are going to take over his land and kill his soldiers, the least you could have done is let him die happy you bitch.