Monday, February 06, 2012

Piranha : Fav movie of 2011

Piranha is my favorite movie of 2011.

That was not a typo. You will not see this movie on (m)any critic's lists, but that's because everyone of them missed the brilliant subtext of this movie. At its very core is actually a cautionary tale that explores religious issues that are very relevant in this day and age. Spoilers ahead so read at your own peril.

The movie starts off with an old man fishing in a quiet lake. He drinks from what appears to be an alcohol bottle and then throws it into the lake. By his callous action he completely disregard the beauty of god's creations around him despite reaping the fruits of them (his fishes). Immediately he is punished by an earthquake that causes the lake to become a whirlpool which sucks him into the very depths of hell. Praise to the lord.

Next the scene changes to what appears to be a spring break party at the other end of the lake, which near topless women shamelessly flaunting the temples that is their bodies without any respect of themselves. They seem to be engaging in various activities that would make a harlot blush. A very creepy dude identifies himself as a porn director and manages to entice two teens unto his boat to shoot a movie as well as engage in questionable sexual practices like drinking alcohol off each others bodies. The movie continues with more scenes of disgusting immoral behavior from all the women. I was about to turn it off from disgust , but then the payoff came.

Immediately the fishes (or as I would like to call them God's messengers) arise from the depths of the lake and start to attack the men and women. They start off from the most sinful (the porn stars and the porn director) and work their way up to the ones at the spring break party. They attack ferociously and without mercy, inflicting God's wrath on the sinners. Blood is splattered everywhere , some of them even lose their limbs - the very limbs that allowed them to partake in such disgusting behavior before. Talk about poetic justice. They cry out for help, but their calls go unanswered. The lake is cleansed of sin with their blood.

A guy foolishly tries to help the sinners, going against God's will, and eventually he is eaten alive for doing so. The End.

I loved this movie because it is a cautionary tale to the youth of today who seem to be engaging in immoral activities without any thought for the consequence of their actions. If you feel the same way as me, you must watch this movie and share it with your kids so that they can learn from it as well. You owe it to them to do so.