Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Swapping partners.

I met her a year ago. She was wearing this hot little outfit. It was lust at first sight. She wasn't curvy, although that is usually what I look at first when I meet them. But she had this very sharp look, like she was looking for guys who knew exactly what they wanted from her.

I walked up to her and grabbed her suddenly, my right hand around her midriff. She seemed cold to my touch, colder than I expected. I caressed her back with my fingers slowly. She did not exactly respond to my touch, but neither did she seem to dislike it. But I knew I would eventually bring her around. She felt like she was the ONE. It all felt so right.

We left the place together, my hand still around her. What came after that was what you could call a whirlwind courtship. Like all new relationships , it started off great. We both loved each other and we never out of each other's sight for long. She responded almost instantly to my every need, never complaining nor hesitating. On my end I did everything I could to protect her, I treated her like she was the most precious thing in my life, which she was. We shared memories, some funny , some poignant. We would sit together and browse through our pictures of our adventures together and laugh at the silly things we did and reminisce about the people we met and missed.

But sadly, that happiness didn't last. 6 months after we first met, things started becoming noticeably different. She started to throw tantrums for no apparent reasons at really unexpected times, but these spells were thankfully rare. Then they became much more common, almost daily affairs. It came to a point where I would look forward to the rare day where she behaved normally. She used to almost seem to know what I needed before I even asked her for something, but now it took a herculean effort to make her understand my simplest needs and wants. Maybe I took her for granted, and this was my punishment, I don't really know. At first I got upset and concerned, but then those feelings gradually gave way to anger. I did not deserve this. No one did.

I started to take it out on her in frustration. I was no longer as gentle with her as I used to be, there was no longer that desire to protect her. In fact, I started getting really rough with her. A few times she was left with a few bruises. One day I lost control , and I inflicted an ugly gash on her side. Of course I was horrified when I saw what I had done, but there was nothing I could to take it back. On hindsight, that was the point of no return for both of us, things would never go back to normal.

She withdrew further from me after that incident. She would just not respond to me no matter how much I tried. Finally today I threw in the towel. Life shouldn't be this hard, it was obvious we were both miserable. It had to end.

I went back to that place. There was someone else at that little corner where I first saw her. A sexy curvy little thing. I went up to her, and just like before I placed my right arm around her waist. It felt good. Maybe even better than what I felt the last time. I wanted her. I needed her.

I took her out from my pocket for one last look. She felt so unfriendly, so cold. I knew what I had to do, but I had to give it one last try. I touched her lightly again, exactly the way I did when we first met. No response. I pleaded for her to come back to me, to show any sign of life, to give me a reason to hold on. She just remained silent.

The lady behind the counter stared at me curiosuly at first before running out of patience and telling me to make up my mind, she had other customers to attend to.

Defeated I turned her around. No protest, not even a whimper. I removed her back and took out what was mine, what I had given to her a year ago. It was the only thing left of her that was of any use to me at all.

I left the shop with my new toy. She is really the one. We are going to be together for a much longer time. It just feels so right.