Monday, June 27, 2011

It sucks being the only metal fan at a party

It was Rock Band night at a friend's place last night and we had the works, the mic, guitar and drum set. The version of Rock Band was the one with all the rock songs , and I suddenly spied Laid to Rest by Lamb of God on the playlist. After an hour of pleading with my friends to play that instead of bloody Firehouse and Bon Jovi, they finally relented. Of course I had to do the vocals since I was only one who knew the song, but I was more than happy to step up to the plate.

The song started, and I giggled while I watched my less than capable drummer and guitarist tried to keep up with the meaty riffs and the intricate drumming. Yep this was no longer bloody Linkin Park territory, kids. Then the vocals kicked in and I started doing my best Randy Blythe growl, something I have probably rehearsed countless times in the privacy of my own room for the last 5+ years. It was fucking brutal , pardon my french and then everyone started laughing.

I should have expected it of course. To them , I sounded like "Cookie Monster" from Sesame Street. Of course I tried to maintain my pride and continue singing but it was hard to concentrate among the constant laughter behind me. But yes I finally made it through the song and got freaking 83% accuracy on the vocals. I showed everyone the middle finger in true metal fashion and then ran to the bathroom as my eyes were getting all watery from the intensity of my performance. Chew on that you metal haters!!

For reference, here is the actual song :