Saturday, June 18, 2011

Bitter Pill.

We looked at each other from across the table, our eyes locked in a battle of wills, but it was a battle I was losing rather too easily. It was all I could do not to bawl in frustration, my fragile male ego slowly disintegrating in the presence of the admittedly impressive display in front of me.

What else could I do but marvel silently at the expert manner in which she maneuvered her way around my balls. There was one moment where I was quite sure she had to touch them, and I smiled in anticipation as I waited for it to happen. But then she proved me wrong, and gave me a little wink in the process. Sigh a woman as beautiful as she is cruel. That's the worst thing you could do to a man - to give him that glimmer of hope, and then at the last minute take it away. I squeezed my rod in frustration, a moment of weakness that didn't go unnoticed but I was at the point beyond caring.

Few minutes later and I was completely outmatched, not like I ever had a chance. She was toying with me the whole time. For once I had to swallow my own pill , and it was more bitter than I ever thought possible. So to all the women with whom I have toyed with in the past (too many to name here), I am truly and sincerely sorry.

The game ended, the outcome never in doubt by either of us or the countless pairs of eyes watching us. I shook her hand and thanked her for the game. She smiled kindly and patted my head, and then she was gone, leaving me to wonder if I would ever see her again. Well actually I will , since I kinda found out where she lives, now it's just a matter of waiting around the area till I "bump" into her.

Till we meet again, beautiful stranger. I am counting the days.

P.S. Jas was there too.