Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ash-induced Horror

I never really believed in God. Till today.

It's funny how the worst experiences can, in a second, change beliefs a man has held for years.

Per my previous post, I was having a horrid time yesterday. I can safely say it's the worst experience of my life since the pornhub incident. First the mass orgy at Brisbane airport where like a million people were re-directed to after Sydney airport closed down. Then the 1 hour+ wait at a hotel which I am pretty sure wasn't 5 star, maybe at the most 4.2 !! Yes that is what I had to put up with last night.

Today was another hour wait to check-in at the airport. The queue for the commoners was so long that I couldn't even see the end of the line, so I jumped into the priority queue. Immediately a staff member asked me to join the regular queue. I tried to protest, saying I was a Krisflyer Gold member but the staff politely reminded me that I was on Qantas and I was a lowly Bronze member, and ushered me back with the other regular folk. I pleaded with her that in times of crisis like these, she shouldn't differentiate between different frequent flyer members, but she just looked at me with a bemused expression on her face.

That final act of cruelty was the limit. I walked away from her, from the line, giving up my place. For a second, everyone stared at me , shocked but then they all scrambled to fill that gap. I blocked out all the noise, it was deafening. The cries of the children crying asking why they couldn't go home. The cries of an old woman on the ground , wailing that she just wanted to see her son before he leaves for the US for good. The sobbing of the young boy kneeling over his dead mother, who died from exhaustion from all that waiting. I blocked all of them out.

Then suddenly I heard my name being called. I turned and right in front of me was the mother. She had this crazy look in her eyes. She pointed a finger at me accusingly and then uttered a single word. JAS.

At that very second it all made sense. The fact that I couldn't get on a SQ flight and had to settle for Qantas. The less than 5 star accommodation. The cruel refusal to acknowledge my gold status for Krisflyer. I blinked my eyes and the old woman was gone, but she said all she needed to say. This was God punishing me for abandoning my friend in her time of need. This is him abandoning me in my time of need, as a painful lesson on how I had taken my friends for granted.

I joined the regular queue, but I was no longer upset or angry at my situation, a inner sense of peace had taken the place of the rage and discontent. I had realised my mistake and now knew what I needed to do. I will try and get back on Friday night , no matter what it takes. That will be my sole purpose for this trip. Jas, I am sorry. I will make it up to you. Hang in there baby, I am coming.