Monday, March 21, 2011

Seafood dinner on Thursday

My third seafood dinner in a space of 2 weeks
It would be completely awesome except it's the one thing I don't eat
Nibbling on my seafood fried rice while everyone else gorges on crab
Their moans of pleasure anger me, I silently wished they all get fat
Then it got worse, someone brought up Raquel
Got reminded of school, begin reliving my personal hell
My trauma turned to horror when they started laughing at a joke about limbless women
Empathy is obviously not an emotion that my friends could never ever learn
At a table surrounded by beautiful nymphets, came the realization I was completely alone.
Looked away into the distance, in the shadows was a crow picking slowly on a chicken bone.
It stopped suddenly and looked at me, I could swear it felt my despair
Then it flew away , but not before giving me a sympathetic nod , as if it was telling me it cared.