Sunday, March 13, 2011

Proof that I take my movie choices very seriously

This is a message I sent to my friends after we went to watch Adjustment Bureau which was the worst pile of crap I seen in a long while. Although the initial choice of the movie was not mine, I humbly and selflessly took the bullet for a loved one, as the mob we went to watch the movie were looking for someone to blame.

My friends,

I apologize for the debacle of last Friday. I take full responsibility for the movie choice, please do not blame R*****, my unwitting accomplice. If there is someone you need to hang on the cross let it be me . Even the best of us make mistakes sometimes, and I made a grave one last Friday. I cannot and will not offer any excuses, I should not have assumed that Matt Damon would never act in a bad movie.

However I hope we can move on from that very unpleasant episode. I would like to invite you all to a viewing of Rango starring Depp. We saw the trailer last week , and it seems to have some funny moments and the animation is impressive.

What say you my friends? Will you give me another chance at redemption. Or am I fated to hang on the proverbial cross for eternity? I will let you decide.

Not to toot my own horn, but Shakespeare would have been proud of that prose. Alas, the response to my amazingly eloquent yet heartfelt message was sadly disappointing. But I can't say I am surprised, in a world of sms-speak and LOLs it is obvious that the art of good writing is slowly writing. FML.