Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Room

What is the Room you might ask? Well the right question to ask is what it is not. It is not just a tale of a love triangle between a man , his best friend and his "future wife". That would be akin to saying that Inception is a movie about dreams.

Tommy Wiseau , the multi-talented writer/director/producer/actor/genius, takes this deceptively simple story and places it in an alternative reality. It is pretty subtle and you might miss it , but he hints at this by having characters an a plot that completely ignore any social norms in the way they move, speak or behave.

This is an alternate reality where

1. People dress up in tuxedos for no apparent reason and play football.
2. An adopted son/ward tries to watch his "parents" have sex.
3. People have sex by thrusting their penis at the female's belly button.
4. Anger is expressed by getting into a half zombie/half Hulk trance and pushing over random objects including bowls of plastic fruit.
5. Coffeshops provide free coffee.
6. Conversations include quick and jarring changes in subject matter , ie switching from banking to asking about a friend's sex life.
7. Friends show up unannounced at a friend's apartment and start having sex in their living room.
8. There are love songs where the chorus is basically the same phrase is repeated ad nauseum - "I will" repeated 16 times in the first song, "You are my rose" is repeated god knows how many times in the second.
9. There is no such word as fiancée, it's called "future wife".
10. Finding out you have breast cancer is not a big deal.

That is only some of the social conventions that Tommy mercilessly massacres in this amazing film. But they all pale in comparison to his acting in this movie. In this alternate reality, his character seems to have suffered a head injury that makes him speak in a manner that has to be seen to be believed. He speaks like no man has ever spoken before, on film or real life.

There is NO scene in this movie that is wasted, every one of them will leave you with questions and doubts about what you just saw.

I fear that whatever I mentioned so far does little justice to this movie. It is something you have to watch for yourself. Trust me, you will not regret it. I have seen it 3 times, and I am still amazed. The Room. It grabs you and never lets you go, even when you want it to.