Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Ode to Nethia (She demanded it cos I had one about Steph)

Amazing trip I had last week.
Never thought Perth could be so fun , in spite of the sweltering heat.
Saved money on rent, bunked in with my mate.
But I had to sleep on her floor, she refused me a space on her huge bed.
Silently I endured, so many sleepless nights.
The worst was the cold hard stone floor, even worse than the rats I had to fight.
She whined and complained, said my snoring woke her up constantly.
Well it's not like I can control it, so excuse me!
For breakfast everyday, I got Kelloggs Special K.
With some leftover "fresh" milk if I I was willing to pay.
Oh there was one day where I got bacon and eggs, it was so deliciously fine
Only because I bartered in exchange a nice bottle of Margaret River wine.
Alright alright I am only kidding, she was the perfect hostess.
Pampered me so much that I was starting to feel embarrassed.
Damien too was so friendly and nice, I liked him so much it was bordering on lust
In fact we had a moment during dinner one night but Nethia caught us so we had to let it pass.
They took us to watch a play at King's Park
A Shakespearian one, with a cameo from a few nearby ducks.
Romeo took his shirt off, I kept waiting for Juliet to strip as well
Cos she was pretty hot , so I was really hoping to see her bells.
Margaret River was awesome too, spent 2 days visiting the wineries
Never thought just sampling wines could make me as tipsy as it made me
I know I said it before , but I will say it again
It was an amazing trip, thanks to the company of a few great friends.
One of whom I am already starting to miss, k before I get emo, the end.