Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My V day experience

I waited staring at the phone. I couldn't remember how long I been staring at it. A couple of hours? No it must be more, I remember the sun shining brightly outside my window, but it was already dark. But still there was no call.

My stomach was rumbling in protest at the lack of food and my throat was all parched and dry, but I dare not leave my room. What if he calls and I miss it during that 5 minutes that will take me to quench my thirst or fill my stomach? (K on hindsight I could bring the phone with me but I was too hungry/thirsty to think properly)

The clock's minute hand seemed to barely move, it's like time has almost crawled to a stop. Every minute that passed felt like an hour. Finally, I gave in . He wasn't going to call.

Just as I was going to stand up to go to the bathroom, the phone rang. I picked it up with my trembling hands , not daring to even hope that it was him.

It was him.

"Hey beautiful, happy Valentine's day."

Such sweet words. Yet I could not help but fall prey to them. All my anger dissipated once I heard them. But I could not resist a little barb.

"Happy Valentine's Day G***n. It's nice to know you remembered, although I wasn't even expecting you to call. Especially at such a late hour."

"Sorry , I was busy the whole day with work, i would have called you earlier if I could. Anyway do you wanna go watch Blond Redhead, I couldn't get anyone else?"

So that was why he called. He needed someone to go with him to the concert and he thought he could use those sweet words to entice me to go. Men. Such pigs they are. They only call you when they need something, otherwise it's like you don't even exist.

I tried to stop my tears but they kept rolling down my cheeks.

"I am sorry, but I don't really like the band, they are too dreamy for me. Goodbye."

I hanged up the phone before he could hear my voice crack. It was a lie of course. I freaking love blonde redhead. But I wasn't going to let him have the satisfaction of knowing he still had that hold over me. It took me all my willpower to switch off my phone, I didn't wanna risk waking up in the middle of the night and texting or calling him involuntarily.

Happy Valentine's Day G***n. I hope you find someone to go with.