Friday, February 11, 2011

I hate it when people try to scam my low level staff

It's been an open secret that I have been moonlighting as the Head of IT of a bustling startup the past 2 years. Under my guidance, this little company has flourished beyond my wildest dreams and is finally achieving what I knew it was capable of when I first decided to invest what little free time I had in it.

Recently, one of the low level staff in the company had an issue with her new Mac , she couldn't get it to print from the company printer no matter how hard she tried. She checked with her vendor who provided the said laptop, and he basically said that it was due to the incompatibility of her mac with the company printer, and that she should just buy a new printer for a 140 dollars.

Of course, she had to revert to me to get approval as this is an IT purchase. My keen IT senses kicked in , and I immediately felt something wasn't quite right. I checked the printer model and found out that it was a supported model for her mac. Here was an asshole who was just trying to scam money off one of my poor unknowing low level staff!!

Despite my lack of any free time, I cancelled one of my high level meetings that evening and tried and troubleshoot to issue. After half an hour of troubleshooting I realised that there was some conflict with a huawei mobile broadband driver which stopped the printer drivers from installing correctly. Removing the offending folder from the OS solved the issue.

My low level staff ( I don't know her name cos I don't really need to) thanked me profusely and I could swear she had a tear in her eye as well. It's moments like this with the little people that make my job so much more satisfying, I accepted her thanks and told her it wasn't a big deal.

I might have lost like 200k from that meeting that I cancelled to solve this issue, but sometimes money isn't everything. It's about not forgetting that there are low level people working under you that you should interact with once in a while, just to re-assure them that you are just like one of them.