Sunday, June 27, 2010

Review: Sex and the City 2

I don't normally review movies here. But after watching this movie earlier today, I feel an overwhelming need to write about my experience. Because this is literally the worst movie I seen in a long time.

The biggest problem with this movie is there is nothing resembling a plot. Seriously, it's like they just filmed numerous scenes in different locations, and then just stitched them together to make up the horrid 2 hr 40 minute run time. Most of the scenes and setups in the movie have absolutely no bearing on the story.

I will try and explain what I think is the plot. I would warn you about spoilers but seriously, it doesn't matter. The movie starts off with this gay super over the top wedding that takes up like 20 minutes of time but then is completely ignored for the rest of the movie. Then Samantha gets an invite to go to Abu Dhabi , and she gets her 3 best friends to go along. Carrie is bored with her hubby , Miranda has no job, and Charlotte is overwhelmed with her kids so they all decide to go with Sam for a break.

The next 2 hours is dedicated to them going around Abu Dhabi. There is a overlong scene where they go on a trip on a dessert which seems to only serve to introduce a new character who appears in a jeep , introduces himself and then leaves. He appears later in another scene, fools around with one of the women and then disappears.

Imagine comedy sketches one after another , but totally unfunny, that's basically this movie. In the end they finally try to make up a plot by throwing a guy at Carrie to test her faithfulness to her hubby, but it is all quickly resolved.

I have to give major props to the only character who rises above the retch-inducing mediocrity of this movie, it would be Charlotte's nanny. Every scene she appears in was a delight, and the fact that she had such short screen time was really unfortunate.

Bottom line, don't waste your time.