Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My First Ever Trivia Night

I was down at Brewerkz at Riverside for my first ever Trivia night together with 8 other friends. Basically how it works is 2 judges will ask questions from different categories like current affairs, music, movies and a mystery category , and you basically get points for every right answer.

Our group was a great mix of talents , basically everyone was good in a different category. When it first started it was general knowledge and current affairs which I completely sucked at. Sample questions from the first round yesterday:

1. What's 2010 in Roman numerals?
2. What are the two oxides that make up acid rain?

Thanks to a few of our team, we manage to get some of them right. It helps to have a science teacher in your team!

Second round was the current affairs section. Again I was completely lost.

1. When did the recent Gulf Coast oil spill happen?
2. Who won the T20 Cricket World Cup?

So I was kinda feeling a bit down since I was contributing like nothing to the team. Really need to start reading up on my current affairs from now on. Next section was something I hoped I would be good at the music section. Half of them are questions where you are given an album title and you have to guess the artist, the other half involve a sample of the intro to the song , you have to guess what song it is.

1. Album title - A Girl Like Me
2. Album title - Songs in A Minor

I managed to get both the above correct (all that time at helped). Su got all the questions relating to british bands correct. I also managed to identify Justify my Love by Madonna, mainly because I used to watch that video like a million times in junior college. We got the two questions relating to indie artists wrong (Jack Johnson and Kings of Leon)

Next up was the movie section. Basically they gave quotes from the movies, and you have to guess the movie. We were lucky that there was a Monty Python fan in our midst , we got both of them right. A few easy ones (Kill Bill 1 & 2, Matrix) and we were first!

Last category was General Science and Nature. It was a really tough category , I can't even remember the questions now. When the results were tallied, we were tied for first place!

We had two options . We could share the prize, or we could go for a tiebreaker round. The other team was willing to share, we decided to go for broke!

The final round was nerve-wrecking. I didn't know any of the answers. We pretty much did a lot of educated guesses and handed our answers in. Then suddenly one of us said he remembered the answer to one of the questions which was "What was the first man-made invention to break the sound barrier?" . We had answered bullet, he remembered it was whip.

We tried to change it since the other team had yet to turn in their answers, but the host didn't let us, saying we can't change once we submitted it.

Finally when the results were tallied, we lost by a point. Second place, but it was amazing considering it was the first attempt for most of us. I really wanna go for it again next week!

Oh right, I forgot to mention the group of guys beside us who kept going up to contest the answers or something. Like seriously dudes, get a life, it just makes you look sad.