Sunday, May 09, 2010

Mother's Day.

It's the 9th of May
I woke up to a cold and rainy day
Hungry, I yelled for my breakfast.
Only silence greeted me, then I started to curse

Stormed out my room, shouted out for Mom
Looked everywhere, she was nowhere to be found
Called her on her phone, she was at my sister's
Asked her what about my breakfast, she said buy your own, mister

Shattered , I slammed down the phone and started to cry
The worst day of my life, I felt like I wanted to just die
Crawled around for food on my tired hands and legs
In the fridge I found a piece of half-eaten cake

Gobbled it down with coffee, that was my lunch
An hour later I started to heave, felt like my stomach was being punched
Shouldn't have eaten that cake, it was kinda moldy
But I was alone at home and there was no one to tell me

I am getting dizzy , it's starting to go dark
Not much time left, I have to admit this kinda sucks.
If this is the end, just have one thing left to say
Mom, hope you have a happy Mother's Day