Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Horror Revisited

I still remember it like it was yesterday , even though 2 years have passed. Still remember that evil glint in his eye. Still remember that pain that seemed like it would never go away. But it was like an itch I couldn't get rid of. I knew I had to go back to him. And so today, I did.

I showed up at his door, rang the bell and waited. A few minutes passed, and I thought maybe he would not be in, that maybe this was fate's way of telling me that I didn't need to go through with this. But just as I was about to turn away, the door opened. 2 years since he saw me, but his face hasn't aged a day. He smiled his wide leering smile at me, and seductively gestured me in. I tried to run away, but it was like I had lost the ability to control my legs. They moved forward and through the door of their own accord, all I could do was watch helplessly.

He stood in front of me and eased me back into his office chair. It was new, not the one I remembered being in 2 years ago. I could feel the soft leather against my bare arms. It felt different. Not in a good or bad way, just different. I closed my eyes, even though I knew what was coming next. Maybe I was hoping that when I opened my eyes he would be gone and I would realize it was all just a dream and start laughing. But then he spoke his first words and I knew it wasn't a dream. "Gilbert, it's been a long time. I am so glad you decided to come back." All I could do was nod silently, my eyes still shut tightly.

He left the room , but he was back almost immediately. I heard the sound of a zipper , and instinctively I opened my mouth. He forced it in, without even a word of warning. It was all I could do to not gag. Perhaps encouraged by my lack of resistance he pushed even harder. I kept swallowing, a reflex action to the foreign intruder inside my mouth. It all became a huge blur, I didn't know what was real and what was not. All I could do was to grip tightly to the sides of the chair and hold back the tears that were already forming in my eyes.

The oral assault continued for around half an hour. When he was done, the only evidence of what he had done to me, other than the pain, was the cold gooey liquid in my mouth. It was sticking to the inside of my mouth, to my teeth, to my tongue. I immediately got up to rinse my mouth but he stopped me. "No", he said. "Leave it on for another 30 minutes. I don't want you to eat or drink anything during that time. let it set in your mouth."

The only issue left was payment. I looked at him, ashamed to ask him. Mercifully he spared me the question.

"Go outside and wait. My assistant will call you shortly".

I got up to leave the room. It was over, we had nothing to offer each other anymore. Just as I was about to exit the room , he called out to me. I turned around and stared at his piercing eyes in defiance, daring him to humiliate me further.

"You really need to floss more often. At least once a day. And come back sooner next time, like in 6 months time and see me again. Alright good bye!"

I replied with a meek "OK" and left the room.