Friday, February 19, 2010

My First Time Cooking Pasta

So a couple days ago I decided to try my hand at making a homemade pasta dinner for myself. There was nothing to eat at home so I went to NTUC Supermarket and got myself a 500g packet of spaghetti and a can of mushroom sauce. The instructions seemed simple enough , pour the packet into 5 litres of boiling water, wait for 13 minutes and then add the sauce and you are good to go.

Being a novice cook, I wasn't really sure how much 5 litres was but it sounds like a fair bit. And I couldn't find a measuring cup so I had to improvise - I found a blender jug that had markings in the cupboard so I used that instead.

Turns out that 5 litres is quite a lot but that's what the instructions said on the packet so that's what I did. I boiled it for 13 minutes as instructed and that was when I realized there was a hell lot of pasta!!

Yep, the small size of the packet belies the actual amount of pasta that is contained within. There was enough to feed 4 people. And then some.

So I forced my mom to eat like some of it when she came back home, saying that it is her duty to eat her son's first attempt at cooking and I actually cooked it for her and me. She unwillingly obliged, but told me to give up on cooking and just stick to what I do best (not sure if she meant IT or watching porn) . I ate as much as I could as well , but I had to throw out slightly more than 1/2 of it.

Well I have to say other than getting sick from overeating, my first pasta experience was pretty decent. The mushroom sauce I bought from NTUC was decent too, but probably go for something a bit spicier next time.