Saturday, October 03, 2009

The C hand sign

Well my Turkey trip is looming ahead and I been busy preparing for it, namely by coming up with ways on how me and D aren't gonna get in each others way if an opportunity comes up with an attractive member of the opposite sex. Well it's namely for my benefit alright, what can I say, I have a way with the ladies.

So after much consideration, I settled on a secret hand sign that we can use if we feel the other is impeding progress of a romantic tryst with someone we meet in Turkey. Or in more layman's terms, cockblocking. Here it is:

D immediately questioned the practicality of my suggestion and how we could pull it off without startling the person we were trying to romanticize. Sigh, sometimes I think I am too nice. If this was Turkey, she would have probably have had her hand cut off for questioning a man's judgement. Also, considering I am the more likely one to be using it (like all the time) I really didn't see why she was so concerned.

Nonetheless I gently explained to her that there were numerous ways of incorporating the sign into a conversation we are currently having with a romantic interest, such as:

1. Talk about your imaginary cat, and then tell her how sharp her claws ah, and then do the C sign to illustrate.

2. Order a drink from the bar or waiter , but instead of signalling normally, signal with the C sign. If your date asks, just tell him/her that this is how we order in Singapore.

So yeah if that's not practical enough for her then I have no idea what is.