Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ode to Jo

Straight out of Toa Payoh , it's my gal called Jo.
She's got mad flow, and her skin a really nice glow.
She loves the burning sun, swims 30 laps just for fun
So if you like girls who swim and tan, then hey you could be her man.

Baked me a cake for my birthday, so touched I didn't know what to say
But still waiting for her present, why it's taking so long I cannot fathom.
She's going out of town late October, so I better give her another reminder
Damnit get me some thermal underwear, nothing else will show how much you care.

Yep that's for my trip to Turkey, cos in December it's gonna be icy.
Thank god I am hot and single, my heat's gonna make those Turkish girls tingle.
Going there with my mate D, she better not cock block me.
K wait this was supposed to be about Jo, so sorry, back to her my rhymes I throw

Men in her life many they may be, too bad few of them are worthy
Trying stupid ways to please, one of them keeps flaunting his fist.
Jesus talk about overcompensating, hey it's the truth dude don't ya start hating.
So Jo here is some advice, straight from the mouth of Mr. Ice
Go ahead, drop that zero
don't ya hesitate, get with the hero.