Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Best and Worst of Everything: 2008

Best Movie: The Dark Knight (so good that I just ordered the DVD)
Runner-Up : The Diving Bell and the Butterfly (cos it made me cry my eyes out)

Best Movie with the worst rating on RottenTomatoes: Get Smart

Best Album: Third by Portishead
Runner-Up : Fleet Foxes by Fleet Foxes

Best Restaurant: Bistro One Zero Three (really value for money, try the lamb)

Best TV Series: Dexter (black comedy series about a cop who is a part-time serial killer)

Best New Acquaintance (cos Best New Friend sounds cheesy): Foul-mouthed but very cool Jo-ann

Best Birthday Present: My Maestro Guitar

Best Personal Achievement: 10 km Standard Chartered Run
Runner-up: Learning how to play My Heart Will Go On on my guitar.

Best Website: Facebook.
Runner-Up: Google Reader

Best Book: The Reluctant Fundamentalist

Best New Improvements in how I do things:
1. Buying all my albums from Amazon MP3 Store instead of CDs.
2. Using Picasa to upload photos to Facebook quickly.
3. Using the software "Everything" to search for files.

Best New Things I can do with my Phone:

1. Using Google Maps on my phone to find fastest routes (for taxis) and places.
2. Using Shozu to upload my camera photos instantly to Facebook, Yahoo Mail etc.
3. Ebuddy which that connects to MSN, Google Talk and Facebook when I am on the move.
4. Using SBS mobile IRIS site to tell me when the next bus is coming so that I can take a cab if it's too long or so that I can leave my house just as the bus is coming.
5. Using SEVEN which lets me sync my mail, contacts and calendar with my phone. Supports Outlook (if you have web access) and Gmail. Amazing app, can't believe it's free.

Best Sites that I tried to intro to my friends but they don't get the point.
1. Google Reader (except you Jo-ann)
2. Google Calendar
3. FriendFeed (it only works if your friends are on it :( )

Best Experiences
1. Watching Bjork in Perth. I had tears during Bachelorette.
2. Watching Rage Against the Machine in Perth

Best Cinema: The Cathay (but they need to have credit card discounts for online bookings!)

K now the worst..

Worst Cinema: GV Cinemas ever since they started showing 25 minutes of ads before the movies. Why don't you show them before the screening time instead of punishing people who are punctual?

Worst Restaurant: Cappadocia Cafe Restaurant (A traumatizing experience.)

Worst Movie: Man I can't remember any that was really bad, maybe the RocknRolla movie that failed to live to the hype.

Worst Album: Fortress by Protest the Hero. Again I don't get the hype. It's like 40 minutes of guitar wankery.
Runner-up: Ire Works by The Dillinger Escape Plan. Such a disappointment.

That's it. Share yours?