Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I turned 30 last Saturday

Yes , no longer can I try and entice young university girls to meet me by saying "I am in my 20s too". The big 30. The age when a young man becomes a man.

But I realized that ever since I turned 30, my outlook on life has changed. Things that my immature 20-something self used to do now seem so childish and immature now. An example, my sister's mother-in-law tried to introduce to this girl who she is working with , but I kept on refusing. But just this week, I finally relented and agreed to ask her out on a date. And it has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I finally met her by chance at my niece's party and she was HOT. Rather it was my new found maturity , the realization that I should not be so judgmental and be open to new experiences. She has not returned my calls or smses though.

I also signed up for the gym at my office , had a very interesting experience a few weeks ago, but I will blog more about it in another post.

Rather the whole point of this blog post was because Su insisted that I write something nice about her for arranging my birthday party. Although my requests for my party were rather minimal - I just asked for tons of hot chicks to be there, which she admirably achieved. So for Su, here it is:

The Su Song.

Yo Master G is back!

Yeah got that! Ok , here we go!

Yeah you heard right , Master G is back
Lethal as ever, just like a mild heart attack
So today is a song about a girl I know
A girl so hot that she makes my words just flow

Su is a girl I known for quite a while
I liked her the first time I met her, despite her pretty dubious sense of style
Yeah she would complain when I wore my cool checkered red shirt out on our first few dates.
We moved into the friend zone very soon after that, sometimes I guess it's just fate.

So yeah this girl threw me a party a month ago, a Saturday.
Loads of chicks were there too, I am a ladies man, what can I say.
Dinner didn't start off too well, food took 2 hours to arrive
Hungry I was, and when Man U went behind I started to cry

But then she presented me with my present
Hugo Boss cologne, it is really an amazing scent
But then out of the blue, a second one appeared
A really expensive Maestro guitar, I said I don't deserve this my dear.

But of course I was lying, I SO deserve that guitar
For being a good friend to her, probably her best by far
But unfortunately social norms teach us to be modest
So graciously I thanked her, she looked like she was about to burst into tears.

But alright I have to cut her some slack
A great friend she's been , she's almost always got my back.
And man does she have a nice rack!
But in all seriousness, thanks for everything my dear.
Just wanna let you know that I appreciate it and I will always guard your rear.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Why do I keep doing this to myself...

Yes, that is the question I been asking myself since last Friday. I keep making the same mistakes despite getting punished for it again and again.

Of course, it involves a woman. It always does. Let's call her R. R is someone who I met not too long ago, and over the last few months I grown to trust her. But then last Friday, that trust that I took so long to develop was shattered in an instant.

We were supposed to catch a movie. She suggested going to a Chinese dessert place at Bugis, this really popular one. We got there and it took us around 5 minutes to get a seat.

So we sat and were deciding what to order. I told her about my love of ah-boling. How when I was working at Chinatown I would order like extra ah-bolings for my dessert. How I missed them terribly and would give anything to taste them one more time. But then R checked the menu and said there were no ah-bolings. I was a bit puzzled since this was a Chinese dessert place so it was strange for them not to have it, but I TRUSTED her so I ordered something else - Papaya in milk. I was feeling adventurous.

I was supposed to order while she holds our table, but my legs were tired from all the walking (we walked from Plaza Sing) so I kinda whined until she agreed to go. It was a long queue, and she came back 15 minutes later. I noticed a glint in her eye, a evil glint, but I figured I was just fatigued due to my tired legs so I didn't bring it up.

So our desserts came after 5 minutes. I looked at what she ordered and I almost screamed. Yes, she ordered black sesame with AH BOLINGS. The same ah bolings that she said were not available. The same ah bolings that I said I loved and missed terribly.

I was speechless for like a few minutes. There had to be some mistake, at least that's what my heart told me. But my mind knew the truth. But I needed to hear it from her. So I asked her how come she had ah bolings in her dessert. She said that the waitress at the order counter asked her if she wanted it as she was paying for her desserts. I asked her why she didn't add ah bolings to mine. She said it all happened too fast, that she didn't have time to get it for me as well before the cashier registered the purchase.

She said she was sorry, and offered me one of her ah bolings. It was more like a pity boling. I didn't want it but she insisted, and I didn't want to make a scene so I reluctantly accepted. The bo ling melted in my mouth like a rabbit's testicle, yes it was that juicy. And I realized why she offered me the boling. It was to torture me , she knew that now I had to watch her eat her bolings, in agony. While eating my crappy payaya in milk dessert. Who the hell mixes papaya with hot milk!!!?

And that is exactly what she did. She ate her two remaining bolings, after which she let out an evil sounding laugh , a laugh that expressed her delight at my obvious misery.

That was last Friday. Yet I still cannot get the incident out of my mind. How do you get past something like that? How can I ever trust someone ever again?