Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I turned 30 last Saturday

Yes , no longer can I try and entice young university girls to meet me by saying "I am in my 20s too". The big 30. The age when a young man becomes a man.

But I realized that ever since I turned 30, my outlook on life has changed. Things that my immature 20-something self used to do now seem so childish and immature now. An example, my sister's mother-in-law tried to introduce to this girl who she is working with , but I kept on refusing. But just this week, I finally relented and agreed to ask her out on a date. And it has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I finally met her by chance at my niece's party and she was HOT. Rather it was my new found maturity , the realization that I should not be so judgmental and be open to new experiences. She has not returned my calls or smses though.

I also signed up for the gym at my office , had a very interesting experience a few weeks ago, but I will blog more about it in another post.

Rather the whole point of this blog post was because Su insisted that I write something nice about her for arranging my birthday party. Although my requests for my party were rather minimal - I just asked for tons of hot chicks to be there, which she admirably achieved. So for Su, here it is:

The Su Song.

Yo Master G is back!

Yeah got that! Ok , here we go!

Yeah you heard right , Master G is back
Lethal as ever, just like a mild heart attack
So today is a song about a girl I know
A girl so hot that she makes my words just flow

Su is a girl I known for quite a while
I liked her the first time I met her, despite her pretty dubious sense of style
Yeah she would complain when I wore my cool checkered red shirt out on our first few dates.
We moved into the friend zone very soon after that, sometimes I guess it's just fate.

So yeah this girl threw me a party a month ago, a Saturday.
Loads of chicks were there too, I am a ladies man, what can I say.
Dinner didn't start off too well, food took 2 hours to arrive
Hungry I was, and when Man U went behind I started to cry

But then she presented me with my present
Hugo Boss cologne, it is really an amazing scent
But then out of the blue, a second one appeared
A really expensive Maestro guitar, I said I don't deserve this my dear.

But of course I was lying, I SO deserve that guitar
For being a good friend to her, probably her best by far
But unfortunately social norms teach us to be modest
So graciously I thanked her, she looked like she was about to burst into tears.

But alright I have to cut her some slack
A great friend she's been , she's almost always got my back.
And man does she have a nice rack!
But in all seriousness, thanks for everything my dear.
Just wanna let you know that I appreciate it and I will always guard your rear.

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  1. i did not force you ok? wahlao..

    but sweetie, thank you so much for this.. everyone i (tried to) rap to went aww at the lyrics but suggested i get another person to lock the flow y'know.. :(