Friday, August 29, 2008

Flight of the Concords Preview at HBO Asia Office in Singapore

I was lucky enough to get an invite to an exclusive blogger preview screening of HBO's new Flight of the Conchords. Ok luck didn't have much to do with it considering my readership now can be counted with one hand. However after relentless stalking and harassing by yours truly, the people from the PR Company text100 were kind enough to give me two invites to the event. I decided to bring my friend the Minah along for the event since I owed her money.

But enough about my strong will. Flight of the Conchords is actually a comedy band duo that I actually heard on some music site a couple months back. My first impression was that they were rip offs of Tenacious D (Jack Black and Kyle Gass) , but they are actually pretty different. While the D belt out rockers very inspired by classic metal and hard rock bands , FotC actually parody a huge spectrum of artists from Marvin Gaye to Radiohead. But yeah so this 2 Kiwis got their own show on HBO right now that chronicles the struggles of their band trying to make it big in NY.

So after a tour of their office and a very nice dinner spread catered by a new zealand restaurant , we settled down to watch two episodes of the series. The HBO team were hyping it up a lot , saying it was really funny and I admit they got me really looking forward to watching it. The first episode started playing (the 2nd in the series, because you can watch the first online, they explained) and I thought it was awful. Yes, I did not laugh out loud once. Maybe it was their British accents causing me to miss some of the punchlines, I don't know, but the two songs "Boom" and "Inner City Pressure" seemed more clever than funny to me.

But the next episode got me guffawing in laughter , so hard that I was in tears. The highlight was Think About it , a socially conscious song that's inspired by Marvin Gaye's What's Going On with some pretty amazing lyrics:

They're turning kids into slaves just to make cheaper sneakers
But what's the real cost, cause the sneakers don't seem that much cheaper?
Why are we still paying so much for sneakers when you got little kid slaves making them
What are your overheads?

The other song in the episode is Hiphoptamus Vs Rhymenoceros and is also very funny. Here they hit back at the other rappers who dissed them with probably the most rational comeback ever:

Other rappers dis me
Say my rhymes are sissy.
Why? Why? Why?
Why exactly?
What? Why?
Be more constructive with your feedback, please. Why?

The bottom line is that FotC are very funny, and go check out their videos on youtube, all the songs from the show are actually available there, as well as their live performances.

On and I also met this chick at the event who was into Freaks and Geeks, which was so cool and hot at the same time. I think I am in love now. God she was so hot. Like curry.


  1. hey gilbert, su min from text 100 here. thanks for coming down for the event last week and glad u enjoyed it!

    not sure what happened with the invite - we did send it out a couple of times, but looks like we might have suffered one of those 'lost emails' problems. sorry about that! in any case, thanks for following up with us, and hope it was well-worth it!

    anyway, here's a vid from episode 1 - The Most Beautiful Girl in the Room. thought u might like it. =)

  2. Hey Su Min,

    Nah I got the invites, but just seemed like you guys didn't get the replies, cos there was a follow up mail asking me if I was still interested in joining, but yeah probably an email server issue.

    Yeah I think I watched all their clips on youtube liao, my fav one is Robots!

  3. ooh.. like 6 bucks. :) you're supposed to treat me to dinner! heh...

  4. Hi Gilbert! Sorry about the invite gets that way sometimes. But glad you managed to make it down with Su in the end lah!

    BTW, didn't mean to set you up with too-high expectations..agree ep 3 is way better though. The Rhymenoceros song takes the cake! :)

  5. Hi Yin Qi,

    Nah well you have to psych us up mah, it's your job. You couldn't say like "hey this show is great, but yeah maybe you might not like it, whatever who cares"

    But yeah in the end the hype turned out to be true, I'm the biggest fan right now!!

  6. Ah ha! Found your site.

    Great to have met you and your partner in the event. Hope to see you guys soon one day. Take care!