Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My love for chess has been rekindled (and I am not ashamed of it!!!)

Yes of course as the rare few of you who know (and often mock me for it), I used to be an avid chess player in my teens and even represented my school at inter-school level. Of course my interest in it slowly waned once I realized that the level of my participation in chess (daily) was inversely proportional to the amount of action I was getting (0 or 1 if you count the horny cleaning lady). So I forced myself to stop playing it , and it almost instantly doubled my encounters with women, or "members of the opposite sex" as we used to refer to them in chess club.

Anyway, I been away from the game so long I had trouble remembering all my opening lines that I used to employ practically subconsciously (English Opening for white, Alekhine's Defence for black), but lately thanks solely to Facebook Chess my interest has returned. I am now playing almost daily with strangers as soon as I get back, and damnit I will admit it has been more than fun. In fact I am thinking of visiting the old Cairhill chess club at Newton once more.

Anyway , there is a serious lack of chess players among my friends, for reasons unknown to me. So if you play, add me on Facebook alright!

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  1. my darling stallion! you're supposed to teach me! the ex tried to do that, it was horrible. :(