Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Tech: Digsby - Probably the best IM I ever used.

Simple idea. So simple you would think someone would have thought of it way before.

Digsby is an IM that allows you to do the following:

1. Check, read and manage (e.g. delete, archive, mark as read, mark as spam) your webmail accounts.
2. See the latest Facebook status updates from your friends and also change your status without going to the facebook website. Also connects to other social networks like Twitter and MySpace, but I am not a big user of those two.
3. Connects to MSN, Yahoo Messenger, ICQ and Gtalk accounts.

Frankly , the first feature totally blew me away. For someone with 4 different email accounts, I always end up with loads of unread mails from my Hotmail and Yahoo! accounts. Now I can just check it from my IM and mark as read or delete if I don't wanna read it. Otherwise I can just click the link marked open which brings me to the web page where I can read the entire mail, without prompting me to log in. Really amazing.

Oh and you get automatically notified of your friends' status updates on Facebook or when someone sends you a message/post on your wall etc. And when someone messages you on MSN for example, you get a tiny chat window on the lower left side of the screen that allows you to respond immediately without having to click on the chat window like you do with MSN Messenger. The tiny window disappears after like 3 seconds so you can ignore it if you are busy. Pretty ingenious, you have to try it yourself to know what I am talking about!

I am totally hooked, only thing I can ask for the "I am listening to" feature enabled for Mediamonkey, currently it only supports Winamp and iTunes. Anyway do give it a chance and check it out. Just click the title link to go to their site.

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