Saturday, April 19, 2008

Do not order anything from Reader's Digest Asia ever!

This is getting ridiculous.

The very nice people at Reader's Digest sent me a package last December that I did not even order, and now they are sending me repeated and threatening reminder letters trying to get me to settle the bill.

Basically I ordered this introductory volume for 10 dollars way back in October and December, it was a collection of stories. Then in December I get a package with what appears to be the rest of the volumes, together with a bill for 56 dollars.

I sent them repeated emails but did not receive ANY response, so I called them and the guy who answered informed me that he will put a notification on the transaction from the system so that I will not receive any more letters. I told him to get someone to come to my place and pick it up, but he said that they can't do that. Apparently hiring a courier is unheard of to those people. But he assured me that I will not get any more letters regarding payment. He suggested that I return it myself, but I find it ludicrous to waste my time and money to return something I did not even order.

So I thought that was that but then the next month another reminder bill was sent, this time threatening to transfer this case to their Bill Department if I don't pay up. I called them up again and the same thing happened, this time the guy (someone called Raymond) said he will remove the transaction and assured me I will not be sent any more reminders.

Today I just received their latest letter warning me that my case has been transferred to be handled by the Bill Collections Manager due to my "breach of the agreement with Reader's Digest" and a lot more legal mumbo jumbo.

I am sick and tired of this. Gonna call them on Monday again and make them send me a letter or an email saying that I will NOT receive any more bill reminder letters. Let's see how it goes.


  1. when you speak to raymond again, ask him to send you a letter confirming your conversation with him. he probably wont. but it's worth asking.

    then, write them a letter stating that you have spoken to them (raymond) and have been repeatedly assured that there is no bill to settle.

    and end your letter by saying that if you receive any further letters asking for you pay up that you will refer the matter to your local comsumer complaints agency (i'm not sure what the agencies are in s'pore. but i'm fairly certain there would be some body).

    hope it helps :) goodluck
    ps: i've been reading your journal on and off for a while now & i think you're pretty hillarious.


  2. oh and make sure you keep a copy of the letter you send them, of course.


  3. Hi S.

    Thanks I did ask for a letter but he said we don't do it. Anyway it's settled, they told me to keep the package as a gift.

    Yeah there is CASE which stands for comsumer something. But thank god I don't have to go there now.

    Oh and thanks for the compliment!

  4. friend, you are not alone. I've heard of so many horror stories like yours.

    check this out for research material:

  5. I encountered the same problem and was billed for something I did not subscribed. It has now gone to Collections Manager.

    I am considering should I expose this unfair practice by making complain to CASE or even write in newspaper, so more people will know. Settling the issue bilaterally with Reader's Digest will not stop them for doing so to other victims.

    Any comment?

  6. Well anonymous, sucks that you got into the same issue I did, I know how frustrating it is.

    Hell seriously , I think you should go ahead and write it in the paper, and I promise that if once I see it I will write a similar one to show that it isn't a one off incident.

    The whole episode left a really horrid taste in my mouth. Their customer service is atrocious.

  7. Well... Exactly the same thing is happening for me in the UK. But they underestimate their victims. I'm a law student and a demanding cow. Best thing to do is do your research, find out your rights (obviously will be different depending on where u live) and quote statutes and bills at them. Advice them of your rights. and have a look at contract law. Sometimes a contract (for example to pay for something) is made null and void by one person unknowingly entering into the contract. I'm sure, like with me, there was no button that said "Order" to click. And there was no indication that you were entering into a contract to purchase the item. Dirty scheming bastards aren't they??
    Nicola xx

  8. Hey Nicola, sucks to hear that you were caught in the same situation too. Makes me wish I was a law student too! :)

  9. I, too, am being harrassed by Reader's Digest for payment of books that I did not order!
    This company is obviously using underhanded tactics to get money from any source whatever!