Friday, January 18, 2008

Selling used underwear in Singapore

K I am a bit slow since apparently this is rather old news. It's an 18 year old Singaporean girl who is selling her used panties and bras online, and making quite good money from it.

I checked out her site, and only one question came to mind - How much would people pay for MY used boxers? I could really use the extra cash. Any girls there interested? Or guys, I don't really care either way. You know how to contact me.


  1. u are back!!!!!!!!!!

    u have missed!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Bert, my baby. Please write more. I've missed your caustic wit and cynicism.

    - Your ever loving darling

  3. hey, i must be slow too. I just checked out her site and she is wearing the anderson sec uniform. i recognize it cos it's my alma mater. gross. and from what i can see of her face, she looks like ass. i should totally start selling my used lingerie.

  4. Anaya: Thanks love.

    Minah: Hi Darling, I need some lovin to start writing. Something you haven't been giving me.

    Calliope: Ha for me I think it's cool if she wants to do it, if there is a market for it and she's comfortable with the idea why not?

  5. Good to know that girls from my alma mater (if she REALLY is from anderson, though I doubt it) are the entrepreneurial bunch. Hey...if men wanna smell used knickers and are willing to pay money for it..what the hell...she shld just make some money off these idiots as well. Men just turn into idiots when it comes to anything sexual.

    Damn it man...i shld have started a phone sex service. Apparently, she charges 60 bucks for pple to talk to her. And no phonesex some more.


  6. This is normal comparing to the girl who's selling her pubes and making millions...