Saturday, January 19, 2008

Cloverfield vs. the IT god.

So I was at a girl friend's place on Friday trying to recover her data from her PC which had a corrupted Windows OS which just wouldn't boot up. Of course, it was a simple matter of using a LiveCD to boot up the PC, bypassing the OS and then copying the files into an external hard drive. Simple for an IT god like me at least. As my fingers twitched frantically across the keyboard I couldn't help but notice some heavy breathing behind me.

Yes, you guessed , my girl friend seem to be getting all hot and bothered from seeing me ..err..."work" her "hard drive". Of course, it's not the first time it has happened to me, a lot of women find me repairing their PCs really sexy. The reason is very simple, women like seeing men at the top of their game. It's like how some women get all turned on seeing Roger Federer working out a huge sweat during a tennis match. Except I wasn't really sweating and I was munching sexily at a plate of chips her mom kindly offered me. And dropping chip crumps on my pants. On purpose. But yes thankfully her mom was there, otherwise I was pretty sure she might have jumped me or something and then I wouldn't have been able to fix her PC.

So after a couple of hours (she had a lot of data to save, being a gentleman I will not reveal details except some of it rhymes with horn) , I finished my task and looked at her. And that's why I do this kind of work probono. You can't put a price for those looks of gratitude/lust that women (I don't help men) give after I save what they thought would be a lost cause. Man those looks just turn me on.

We decided to catch a movie after that, and she paid for all my expenses like she promised to, although she forgot to pay for my Subway sandwich that I had for dinner. But that's me, I don't really care about tiny details like that, although I did mention to her a couple of times that she should try the sandwich because it was only 6 dollars. And that I didn't get a drink because it would have been too expensive and I hoped she didn't mind sharing some of her tasty beverage. You would think she would go and get me a new drink but she didn't, she just agreed to share. But again it's not really a big deal, hardly worth mentioning.

The movie we saw was Cloverfield and it was good, but not great. They had a great marketing campaign online (fake newscasts, trailers with no movie titles) that generated a lot of hype so I was really looking forward to it. SLIGHT SPOILER AHEAD. Well having seen it, I have to say it was good but not great. The first half of the movie especially was pretty draggy, and you don't really feel connected to the characters despite their attempts to flesh them out.

The most memorable parts of the movies are when the monster appear, it's all taken from a viewpoint of a handycam which just makes it all that more realistic. The scenes where they don't appear tend to drag. END SPOILER I would give it a 6/10. Oh if you hated the shakey-cam style of Blair Witch then don't bother going for this one.

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