Monday, December 03, 2007

What is green and pink and is damn bloody ugly?

Yes answer is my house who my dad decided need a splash of color. I will put up more pictures when it's done.


  1. Interesting...splash...of..colors..

    WAHAHAHAHA!! And what color is your room? I cant wait to know!!

  2. Huh, that tile looks like the same sort of stuff that's in our community center here in Texas.

  3. show me the matching pipes!

    sorry I cant resist that line

  4. Thugchic: I warned my dad that I would move out if he touched my room. Hopefully he heeds the warning.

    Tank: Ha really? So bad taste does transcend geographical boundaries.

    Inex: Pipes?

  5. Ummm Bert,

    I hate to do this... (naw I don't)

    But its poetic license. You shouldn't have dissed my pink and black blog. :P


  6. bertie babe,

    don't bluff okay - if you painted your room green and pink, just say so... you don't need to act all macho.. WE KNOW!


  7. I like this splash of colors! It reminds me spring: it is so fresh! It looks a bit strange at the first sight but then you understand that it is really beautiful.