Monday, November 19, 2007

Stardust and Iris

I went to watch Stardust yesterday. It's really good, most romantic movie I have seen in a while. In fact it was so romantic that it made me lean over to kiss my friend after Claire Danes explains the meaning of love to a rodent, but thankfully I remembered in time that my friend has a girlfriend as well so it wouldn't have been appropriate. Oh and also because he's a guy. But yeah it's a great date movie so you should definitely go with someone special. And single.

Thanks to the same guy friend, I discovered a new way of picking up chicks. We were at the bus-stop after the movie and I was wondering whether the bus would take a while in which case we should go just take the train. Then he mentioned that we should check IRIS, the SBS GPS system that tells you exactly when your bus will arrive. They have a mobile site where you just enter the bus-stop number and the bus service you are waiting for, and it gives you the estimated arrival time. It was a really cool feature but I then realised it could be a powerful chick pick-up tool as well.

Just imagine this scenario - I'm walking past a bus stop and I see this attractive girl at the bus-stop. I saunter up to her.

Me: Hey babe , you look like you could you use some help. How about I lend you some assistance?
Her: Errm no I'm fine thanks. Please leave me alone.
Me: Hold on a minute there cowgirl. You do need help, but you just don't know it! I meant I can find out exactly what time your bus is gonna be arriving at this bus stop. Just by using my phone. And an available 3G network of course.
Her: Wow that's amazing, Is that really possible? It seems so magical!! Show me stallion, show me quickly I beg you, I'm actually getting kinda turned on right now cos I'm so excited in seeing this feature!
Me: Sure thing lady! (Whipping out my phone)...Oh I just need one thing to do that though, your phone number.
Her: Why do you need my phone number when you are using your phone?
Me: So that I can call you wherever you are and update you on the latest bus schedules of course.
Her: Oh of course, you smooth talker you, here let me give it to you!

It's quite brilliant yet so simple isn't it. I had so many bad experiences in the past picking up women at bus-stops that I stopped doing it, apparently for some reason women find it creepy to get picked up at places like that despite my brilliant pick up lines like "Hi, could you tell me the bus that will give me access to your heart?". But now thanks to IRIS, the creepiness factor is removed.

I wanted to try it out yesterday itself but my friend threatened to pretend he didn't know me if I did. Jealousy is an ugly thing isn't it, I mean it's not my fault that his phone isn't 3G capable. The Stallion is back in the game chicas!


  1. Phone number that will give you access to my heart????

    Dude, you come up with the best lines I swear. :)

  2. What phone number, that's so cheesy, I said bus that goes to your heart.

  3. Oh sorry...4-6 wheeled vehicle...much most glam. Sorry stallion!