Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I found my calling

You know I always felt that my wealth of knowledge and experience in life could greatly benefit a lot of people. And it would have probably have done so by now, if not for the fact people usually either rudely shut me up or completely ignore me when I try to impart my wisdom to them. Until now. Until the birth of ...yes you guessed it...Facebook!

Yes, I been helping people in the Facebook's Singapore network with their problems. Everyday people post their queries, problems and issues in the forum on the network page, and I try my best to help them. Issues ranging from how to deal with a break-up to queries about life. Here was my answer to a very philosophical question about life yesterday:

Question: What is a bigger fear? Knowing or not knowing?

My Answer:

Knowing that you don't know.

[Cos' what] if someone knows something about you , and you know that he knows something about you, but you don't know what he knows, but you know what he knows could be something really important to you . So you know that you don't know which sucks cos it's really something you wanna know but you don't know, so my point is you would be better off either not knowing that you don't know what he knows, or knowing what he knows.

So for any of you who need my sagely advice , feel free to post there or even here, I will be more than glad to help, cos that's the kind of guy I am.

On a related note, I am still Tetris king.


  1. seems to me that your advice over blogger works too.

    Have dedicated something to you over there.



  2. Actually, I would think that knowing that you don't know would be kinda reassuring a sort of acceptance of our epistemoloical limits maybe?

  3. *epistemological