Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Stuff I ate in Taiwan

K so a quick overview of my Taiwan trip last week. It was my 2nd trip and the language barrier is still sucky, but on the upside I gotta try some pretty cool food.

Yup makes your mouth water doesn't it? It's supposed to be some sort of dessert, we had it after dinner. Basically it consists of mystery meat and some gelatinous stuff. Thank God the portion was small, I managed to finish it in 2 gulps, and refused a second helping.

These are century eggs, in a "mixture of clay, ash, salt, lime, and rice straw for several weeks to several months". That's what it says at Wikipedia. I had it in Singapore before with porridge but never liked the taste, but these were surprisingly good. Nice presentation as well.

Again not too sure where this came from, but I'm guessing it's pork with cucumber strips. The sauces are peanut and chilli, and again it tasted way better than it looks. But I wonder, why the need for the little wooden stand for the meat?

We went to a restaurant famous for its crabs (hell they even had a story about crabs on their wall), and I don't like crabs. The irony. The rest seemed to enjoy them a lot though.

Oh and I have to so rave about this! It's the new entertainment system on Singapore Airlines. So cool right, it's a much bigger screen than the old one, comes with loads more movies/tv series and even has a virtual PC that allows you to edit your Powerpoint/Word/Excel docs that you can upload via a USB port although I haven't tested it.

I spend the whole flight watching the comedy series channel, was practically laughing out loud half the time. So cool right? And the business class seats were even more amazing, it's like a private cubicle for each person. Not that I am gonna sit there anytime soon.

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