Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Some people are so sad

I think you all remember my heart-wrenching post about my childhood a few weeks ago. Apparently quite a few of you were moved to tears after reading it. Well I'm glad I am able to share that part of my life with you, it was not easy for me. In a way, I let you guys break through my hymen of hyperspace. It was painful at first, but in the end it was worth it.

But unfortunately not everyone was as moved. There were two people who tried to destroy my achievement in Facebook Tetris by actually TRYING to beat me. How sad they are. Do they not know that I am and forever will be the king of Facebook Tetris? How can they hope to beat me when they have not gone through the same hardship as I have? I just don't get it.

But nevertheless they still tried and one even did beat my score. But of course his joy was short-lived, I topped his score again yesterday. Using only one hand. While jerking off with the other. Just because I can. But I feel that these two pretenders need to be shamed for even daring to beat the king. So here they are:

K I removed their names and pictures for the sake of preserving their dignity. Yes Gilbert, despite being the ultimate Facebook Tetris King, is still compassionate.

Oh and for those who play S-TRIS 2 (Tetris for Symbian), check out no. 45 at this page. Yes that's me!

p.s. Yes I know this post basically killed off any chance of me getting laid over the next 2 years, but it was worth it!


  1. Now I know better, I should have never had the audacity to try to beat u on tetris using just my little finger.. one tiny wee little third finger :)
    especially now that I've read about your sob story, er, I mean difficult childhood.
    so u're king of tetris.
    But say, would you put my pic up if I tried tonight just with my little finger and beat u? Just a thought :)

  2. Ha Jiaqi I like how you can be so confident about achieving something that is quite simply unachievable. Yes I will put your pic up if that happens, but we both there is no chance of that.


  4. i can charge you for plagiarism. "hymen of hyperspace" should be quoted because it is mine! i don't care about your childhood story dammit. i don't even care about your sob tetris tale. now give it back to me!


  5. Su: Darling, it's a bit naive of you to put your hymen out there and not expect people to make use of it !

  6. Bert is sexist. When i asked him to teach me tetris because i was so in awe of his skills, he said i should stick to sewing and cooking. Bert is sexist