Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Why I love facebook.

Reason 1: It lets me show off my tetris skills.

Yes to others tetris might just be a game, but for me it's a reminder of a very painful childhood. Yes it might come as a shock to you guys that behind this friendly and jovial demeanor lied a very disturbed and lonely child.

I was neglected by my parents who showered all the love and attention on my elder sister. She had the best toys, the best food, the best clothes, basically everything she would ask for. I got thrown the scraps on the table after they had finished dinner if I was lucky, but not before they made me beg (sometimes even bark) for it each time so that they could have a laugh at my expense.

I only had one toy which was a rock that I use to pretend gave me magical powers. Like the power to make my parents love me, but of course that never happened. Clothes I usually took off corpses of beggars on the street. As you can see, I definitely did not have it easy.

One day as I was rummaging through the trash looking for something to eat for my tea break, I stumbled upon a strange device. Yes, as you can guess it was one of those tetris handheld consoles that were so popular that time. I pressed the "ON" button and amazingly it sparked to life and the bricks started falling down the screen. But then I realized that the bottom half of the screen was spoiled, that you couldn't see where they landed. That was probably why it was thrown away in the first place.

But like they say, beggars can't be choosers, so I took it home and started playing it. Due to the spoiled screen I had to memorize where the bricks fell as I couldn't see them. Slowly but surely I improved and very soon I became a pretty amazing player.

That console gave me new found confidence which annoyed my sister to no end. I no longer begged for the food no matter how much they made me, I knew I deserved better. That simple console gave me the will to be strong and to stand up for my rights.

Alas it was not meant to be. I came back one day from school and realized that the console was missing. No one uttered a word, but I could see their evil smiles as they watched me frantically searching for it. They knew they had won, that they had taken the source of my vigor and confidence that I been displaying the last few weeks. And they took my magical rock as well just to add salt to the wound.

That was a long time ago, and I had all but forgotten about it, the painful memory pushed back into the deep recesses of my mind. But a week ago I saw the tetris game on facebook and it all came back. But it was a good thing, now I finally have closure.


  1. Oh cinderbert, i never knew..Under that tough/trash-talking exterior lies a wounded puppy..steal clothes from corpses on the road?*snigger*

  2. why does this sound like a mix of cinderella and the little matchstick girl?

    its okay to play tetris you know. no need to come up with iffy stories to make us love you more. we cannot love you any further already.

  3. Eternal: Now you know. Your life sounds like heaven now in comparison doesn't it.

    Bratty: Now you know who is to blame for my sickness.

    Aarthi: I never heard of those stories you speak of. And I am sure I can find ways for YOU to LOVE me more.

  4. haha. yes yes, its definitely fate. so how now? i bet you're too drunk to even remember me. remember our one fateful conversation on the phone via nethia?

  5. Of course I remember, I wasn't drunk! I was in love. Yes aarthi I been in love with you since you were a kid damnit.

  6. Would you bark like a dog for me? You'll have to get your own bone, though.