Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Singapore Supergirl

Thanks to J for showing me this, this girl totally blows my mind, you have to check her website out. I mean she got a book of poems out at the age of 19, don't pray pray. I was still learning how to read at that age for god's sake.

A few choice snippets from her website:

"...she’s rarely satisfied with doing boring things like what billions of other people do— like being ordinary, for one."

You know what, I feel fucking ordinary now after reading all her achievements. The only extraordinary thing about me is the length of my penis, but seriously how far can that take me? (especially when I haven't been getting laid.)

"To fully describe Lydia Rahman though, one would have to seek far beyond all the words in the English language and even look to other languages — such is her variety and depth"

Only now do I realise the horrible and vast limitations of the English language. We should all learn another language, like the clicking one they use in the movie "Gods Must be Crazy".

"Lydia Rahman very possibly invented the term 'effectively bilingual' , as she is able to communicate oh-so-effectively in both English and Malay and seamlessly code-switches between both to the desired effect."

Sigh I wish I could invent a word. Like "Stallionize", that would make a good word. Hey I just invented a word!!!!

"What is the biggest misconception people have of you?

That I’m a snob who fancies herself a diva. Sombong. "

OMG I can't really imagine why anyone would think that. She freaking (possibly) invented a word people!!!! Give the girl some respect won't ya!! You Lydia haters are just bloody ordinary people, all few billion of you!

Lydia's website:


  1. wow. i sure hope she is trying to be tongue in cheek. and doesnt mean it all seriously. because really...? wow.

  2. hello stallion, my old man. It's been ages! I just read a bunch of your entries in one fell swoop and damn, you're funny as ever.

    Sorry to hear about your tailbone (and other miscellaneous) issues though. I hope everything's straightened itself out, if you know what I mean.

    - sirisha

  3. P and D: Ha I hope so too, cos it's hard to believe that its serious.

    M: Thanks!

  4. Brudder,

    I feel like such an underachiever..all I do is work and support a family

  5. it is the website...some misplaced fan/family member/one of lydia rahman's other personalities...jesus..we all should have a website on how unordinary we left toe is shorter than my right..take that all you billions of ordinary and boring people