Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Off to Bangkok!

Yup gonna be there from tomorrow and back on Sunday afternoon. And as luck has it, I am gonna be celebrating my birthday there as well (this Thursday). Alone. K fine not gonna be alone, that would be kinda sad, I am planning to hire the services of certain women who provide companionship for a nominal fee. Hey it's my birthday after all, stop judging me assholes!! Wonder if they have any birthday discounts.

Have a load of half-finished blog entries but been just too damn busy to finish them. Totally outdated entries like my take on local clubs charging mature women for cover on ladies' night, and also the operation I had on my face 3 weeks ago. Yes big things have been happening in the life of the Stallion, hopefully you get to read about them soon.

That's my quick update for now, more when I get back.


  1. Happy Birthday Bertie, and no we're not judging you. Don't work too hard in Bangkok

  2. Happy Birthday in advance.

    Tip for BKK: ALWAYS check for adam's apple.

  3. Rajah: Thanks, although you are 2 days early

    Jaywalk: Damn I should have read your comment sooner.

    Malz: Thanks darling.