Monday, August 13, 2007

I got a nice ass crack

I was at the clinic a few days ago to get my butt checked, it's been hurting a lot. No, I am not going to tell you how or why it hurts, let's just say it involved me and another guy and he didn't do something he was supposed to do. You know who you are, you butt wrecker.

Anyway like I was saying, I was at the clinic describing my ailment to the doctor. The next thing you know he has me facing the wall and starts poking my lower back and asks me if there was any pain. I was like of course not and told him that the pain was much lower. So he starts jabbing his finger lower and lower until he hits the sweet spot, upon which I give a sharp yelp. He then tells me that I could have a tail bone fracture (judging from the sharpness of my yelp?) and sends me for an X-ray at the radiology department, and off I went.

At the radiology department, I was asked to change to a hospital gown. I got into the changing room, which just happened to be right in front of the waiting area where 30 people were seated. Yep apparently privacy isn't really a priority to this people. I went to the changing room and changed to the gown, and realized to my horror that it was damn bloody small, I showing a hell lot of leg, more than I was comfortable with.

I walked out wearing it and immediately saw 30 pairs of ogling eyes staring right at me which I tried to ignore. I asked the nurse where I should wait, hoping to be led to somewhere more private but was told to sit in the waiting area with the other people. So there I waited for a good 20 minutes, me in the hospital gown while everyone else was in their own clothes. Yep, definitely not awkward at all. Will update soon about what happened in the X-ray room, that's another story altogether.


  1. But Hospital Gowns open at the back!

  2. I hope you didn't make a little tent in the front.

    Hospital air conditioning can be very cold you know?

  3. lol u must have looked like a painfully shy, overgrown boy with hairy legs.

  4. OH! MY! GOD!

  5. you swing?? you never told me that!

  6. You bloody drama mama.Don't lie, you never got any male action. If I ain't getting any then you're not too!!!

    oh hello jaywalk

  7. Rajah: Well mine didn't , maybe it was a type for X-rays I don't know.

    Jaywalk: Interesting you should say that, read my new post.

    Anoy: I looked hot alright.

    Reaper: Erm! Ok!

    Aarthi: What swing? Who said anything about swing? I haven't swung since I was a kid.

    Eternal: I don't remember saying anything about male action?

  8. Sounds like your in love with your crack. that is nice.