Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Things you never say to a taxi driver

I woke up late last Monday, thanks to an all night porn marathon. You know you are getting old when porn tires you out that you can't even get up the next morning.  Anyway, I quickly changed and rushed out of the house, and was just fortunate enough to catch the 8 am bus. However when I got off at the train station, I realized that I had left my wallet at my place.

I decided to take a cab back to my place and to get my mom to bring my wallet down to pass to me, after which I would just continue on to my workplace. I manage to hail a cab after a fairly short way, told him that I was going to my place to pick up something from someone and then to proceed to the city. I then called my mom to tell her to come down immediately.

When we reached my flat, I told the cab driver to wait for a bit since my mom wasn't down yet. For some reason he started getting all bitchy and telling me I should have called my friend down earlier and kept grumbling and being a complete ass. I got pissed, so I told him I didn't need to take this shit and I am just gonna take another one. He agreed.

I reached into my back pocket for my wallet to pay the fare...and then remembered that I didn't have it with me. I turned back to the cab driver who was looking at me angrily. I didn't know exactly how to explain to him that I couldn't pay him after saying I would take another cab, so I stared at him dumbly, hoping to stall for time till mom arrives..

Cabbie: Waiting for what?
Me: "I waiting for my mommy can!!! "
Cabbie: (With a look of utter disgust) What?? Aiyah Just get out of the cab, don't need to pay lah!

 I got out of the cab with my tail between my legs. Just as he sped away, mommy appeared with my wallet. Sigh, if only she had come a few seconds earlier, I would have really shown him who I was. Lucky asshole.


  1. erm of course..poor're THE prospect he missed out on.

  2. Well, look on the bright side. You did get a free cab ride home to get your wallet.

  3. Jay & Dawn: But was it worth the price of my dignity?

    Eternal: What prospect? I would have just paid him and snorted.

  4. At least you got a free ride! I would have been overjoyed! Ha!