Friday, July 20, 2007

New Annoying trend + IT Chicks are hot.

You know what is really annoying? When you call someone and instead of hearing the standard ringtone, you hear a song. I called up a partner in India yesterday, and the next thing I know this Hindi song starts blasting in my ear.

Why the hell do people try to force others to listen to their songs? Why don't they get that just because you like a certain song that doesn't necessarily mean that everyone else has to like it too?  Why do mobile providers give that kind of power to idiots for them to annoy others?

K enough of bitcing. Been so freaking busy this past 2 weeks with a joint-project with 2 other software companies. Gonna load up on the drinks later, I need to release two weeks of work stress and pented-up sexual frustration.

Oh speaking of the project, one of the people involved from the other company is a chick. I totally didn't realise she was a girl till we met, till then we had only exchanged emails. That's in complete contrast to most of my experiences that the "girls" meet online turn out to be guys. ("F**K YOU Pamela! Pamela my ass!) Life is full of irony sometimes. But let me get back to the story.

So we met to discuss our collaboration. I sat opposite her, across the table, and she starts talking. In technical jargon. Using words like "API" , "provisioning" and "AD". (AD is Active Directory). It was love at first sight. I had to stop myself from standing up and coming across the table (pun intended), I was that turned on.

I stared at her lustily as she kept speaking, her words sounding like a stream of binaries (1s and 0s) to my ears. Eventually she stopped, and I sighed at the sudden withdrawal of that sweet voice. I realised then that she was staring at me, probably because I sighed really loudly and possibly also because I was leaning my upper body way forward towards her,  so I turned away shyly and started stammering about how I agreed with what she said.

I haven't seen her since, although we have exchanged a couple of phone calls regarding work. I am starting to miss her already. I miss you my little IT chicklet. 


  1. You do know that there's a very good chance she could be reading this right?

  2. Errm that would be highly unlikely.