Monday, June 11, 2007

Lost in Translation

Shenzhen sucked. Had a long post on why it sucked, but it was way too whiny so I ditched it. So let me focus more on the interesting parts of it. First is what I found in my hotel:

This is the first hotel I been in where they actually had condoms and other related items in the bathroom. They really do have a way with words, "being infringed by the germ during the journey of romantic life" actually sounds pretty worrying, and definitely scarier than "risk of contracting STDs". They really should use that phrase in schools during sex ed.

Oh and I also learnt new words at the hotel. For example, do you know what the opposite of complimentary is?

Another interesting thing that happened was when I was invited to a home of a local colleague and his wife, it was a lovely home and they were really hospitable. But as I was sitting in the living room I was treated to the sight of the wife's undies hanging in the balcony adjacent to the living room.

Yup that's all for my trip. Been really busy at work since I came back. So busy, that last Friday I went to bed at 10pm. Yes 10 pm. At first I felt like a loser for being home on a Friday night, but then I realized I was actually pretty cool because I was defying the social norm and being different from everyone else by staying in. And if that isn't the definition of cool then I don't know what is.


  1. ok, does "know u bird" mean "understand ur penis" by any chance? i don't know.

    if i ask if something is complimentary and it's not, can the japs also say "no, it is unfree".



  2. Eh bro, Please dun rememebr it by mangling the spelling of albatross.

  3. Natasha: Ha you know I think it could mean that. What other bird could they be referring to. Unfree....hmm.