Monday, June 25, 2007

I'm Gilber-licious!

Yes I been hooked to the song Fergie-licious. How can you not, it's catchy as hell. Thank god my name isn't something like Anand. Ana-licious doesn't quite have the same ring to it.


  1. Erm, so that's where that came from... Seeing your PM on MSN made me have visions of bunches of grapes all with a tiny face (yours) sliding down someone's gullet. Don't ask me why.

    and the photos were funny - though I look like some spastic idiot in most of them. lol!

  2. Bertie, What would I be then?

    Malicious? Hmmmmm


  3. jacquilicious sound pure slimey i like

  4. but song is awful, the fergie one, wanted to put it in earlier but slipped my jacquilicious mind