Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Last 20 Search Queries that led to this blog

I don't even need to say anything do I? Except that my favorite is "stallions having sex". Or wait sorry, it's "unhappy bubble of anal wind"!


  1. What in the world is so fascinating about a Japanese girl peeing? I'll never understand boys.

  2. i cant stop laughing..Unhappy bubble of anal wind..what a alternative for farts!

    But many searchs for japanese gals pissing? doesn't all gals piss the same?

  3. OMG Bert... I never imagined that my comment on your blog [for V Day when we were both as happy as a slop of wet bread] would register search hits.


    What a scream.

    For the record...

    I am an unhappy bubble of anal wind,

    Popping and winking in the mortal bath.


  4. Div: Hmm where is that quote from ? If you can call it a quote.

    Tank: Japanese girls pissing.....mmmmmmmm....err I mean yes this bloody pervs I don't get them either!!

    Thugchic: Well have you ever seen a Japanese girl pissing? How can you say if you haven't!