Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I don't like breasts

K, what I actually mean is I don't like saying the word. Breast. Like when I order a turkey breast sandwich. Or when I want the breast part of a chicken. Maybe it's just me, but I feel uncomfortable every time I say it to a waiter/waitress. To me, the word evokes images of women nursing their children; it's not something I want associated with food that I am going to be eating. Am I the only guy who feels this way?

Besides why can't we just use the word boob instead? "Chicken boob" has a much tastier ring to it then "chicken breast" wouldn't you agree? And who can resist biting into a turkey boob sandwich? Not me! And guys can share chicken meat without sounding gay e.g. "Dude you gotta get a bite of this boob I'm having now, I swear you gonna love it!" instead of "Would you like to try some of my delicious chicken breast?"

But yeah, can imagine what would happen if I tried it at KFC:

KFC Girl: So your order would be a 2 pc chicken meal.
Me : And I want boobs please.
KFC Girl: I'm sorry?
Me : Boobs! I want them chicken boobs!

I could see how that could be misintepreted.


  1. Maybe you should hang-out in Hooters instead of KFC ?

  2. i like breasts. i hate boobs. boobs just has a really lame and immature tone to it. breasts are good for everything.

  3. Rajah: Good point! Didn't think of that.

    Anoy: Well to each their own I guess.

  4. The only part of the chicken i eat are the tits. At KFC they are prolly used to it. The worse part is at chicken rice shops. The one near my place has amazing chicken rice, ive tried everything pointing, breast meat, white white meat etc.

    Brother solved the problem for me.

    Aunty one packet chicken neh neh.. Kham Sia..