Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I am a dancing queen, young and sweet, only ...17?

Was at One Night Stand last week with a couple of friends J and M and M's friend, a really attractive girl, we shall call her S. So we were all sitting down, J and M didn't really feel like dancing, but S did. So I decided this was my chance to impress her, so I gentlemanly signaled to her to get down to the dance floor and boogie.

Alright before I explain what happened next, I would just like to say that my preferred choice of music is hip-hop. I grew up on the mean streets of Chai Chee, listening to stuff like Run DMC and Grandmaster Flesh, I still remember having MC battles and breakdancing with all my homies at the Chai Chee kopi tiam near my place. Now that my street cred has been established, the music at One Night Stand was NOT hip-hop. It was like bloody 60s retro music, but I was confident that my dancing abilities were good enough to adapt to a different style of music.

So we were on the dance floor, but I wasn't really feeling the music, I just didn't feel the beat ya know? Then I remembered how Elvis danced in his videos, so I started imitating it by gyrating my hips wildly and flailed my arms wildly, just like those kids in those 60s movies. And I actually started to enjoy myself, was really feeling it!

But then barely 50 seconds into our dance, S told me that she didn't wanna dance anymore and had to sit down. Of course, I was a bit disappointed because I had already gotten a steady momentum going with my arms and hips, but again I did the gentlemanly thing and followed her back to our seats.

I was kinda bummed that the dance lasted so short, especially when I think I was really getting into a groove. Figured that maybe S was intimidated by my skillz and was afraid she couldn't keep up. I did accidentally overhear parts of her conversation after that with J, and I heard bits and pieces of it like "Windmill of Death" and "took my eye out".

At first I couldn't make any sense of it, but then it just came to me. It was so damn obvious. She was probably like having karate lessons earlier in the day and her opponent did this "Windmill of Death" move and almost took her eye out. And the memory obviously spooked her while we were dancing! Just my damn luck!

Anyway yeah that seems to be my luck with women recently, but I am looking forward to our next outing so that I can display my full range of dance moves, I mean I didn't even get to show my famous "Intergalatic" robot moves!


  1. Bertie my boy...windmill of death! You gotta be kidding. You should have done a slow dance and she would have commented on the bearhug of death..haha

  2. Rajah: Errm I don't think she was referring to me when she said that. If she was, it would have been "windmill of dazzle snazzle or something like that.

  3. Mean streets of Chai Chee.... buahahahahaha.....

    Boy, I too missed those MC battles and breaking...

  4. I read your post in the morning when I got to work and haven't been able to concentrate on anything all day other than the image of you gyrating your hips and flailing your arms wildly...

    Bert, you should have joined The Dance Floor...why hide your talent and limit it such that only a selected few people at clubs get to see you in action?

    Stop being so selfish okay!

  5. Malz: You are absolutely right. But I need a partner. And what better person to partner a stallion than a princess? Yes my dear, I choose you.

  6. Malz: K let's discuss this further, email me or something (or give me yours). So exciting!