Friday, April 20, 2007

Women are not like sunshine

I hate women.

Yes this is a rant about women. I keep giving my heart to the wrong ones, the ones who throw it back in my face while laughing at me for being such a trusting clown.

Remember my couple seat post? The one where I talked about the girl who made me weep by screaming in my ear that we would never be a couple. If you read the comments for that post, you will notice this particular girl (we shall refer to her as S) who told me that she would sit in a couple seat with me the next time we go for the movie.

Fast forward to the present day, April the 20th, 2007. The movie? Sunshine. The movie-goers? Me and S. I was gonna book the tickets so I called her to tell her that I was going to book the couple seats. Her reaction? She laughed. More like guffawed.

I'm sorry but am I the only one who didn't get the joke? What was the punchline because I certainly had no idea , even though the "joke" was supposedly by me. K alright there is another guy friend joining us for the movie, but a promise is a promise isn't it? Especially if it was something that someone said in public.

The movie is called Sunshine. Talk about irony, I really need some in my life right now.

UPDATE (21/04/2007): Loved the movie, although S hated it because she thought it was too depressing. Me, I loved it because of the philosophical issues it addressed, like whether the lives of people are expendable for the sake of the greater good and mankind using science to play "God".

Each of the characters reacted differently when they had to make really tough decisions - some were decisive, others were ruled by their emotions and ignored the logic, while some cracked under the pressure. If you are into sci-fi AND horror movies, you are in for a treat. You can read the synopsis here.


  1. I don't need a hug, I need a love seat partner!!

  2. You know G,that's gonna be me! :) couple seat partner no problem!
    I like the phantom mars bars joke comment even the Esplanade cashier was able to agree with you on that!
    hugs AND movie in a 'loveseat' partner!

  3. Ha Jiaqi K I will hold you to that really soon. I'm sure there's some romantic movie showing now or soon.

    Ha yeah phantom mars bar, that was funny! But you came up with that!

  4. I haven't sat in a "loveseat" for about two years about that? My company gave me two gold class movie tickets as a Valentine's Day gift and its still sitting on my desk staring at me. *grumbles*

  5. K Malz , if you wanna ask me out just ask me out! Stop teasing me with these gold class tickets! I will say yes!

  6. doood. won't laugh no more. promise. :p

    -the girl who laughed

  7. Hur hur..I think this might escalate your whole women-hatred thing further, but right, I just wanted to gloat about my tickets! Sorry if I hurt you deep deep Stallion!

  8. Malz: See that's women for you, they dangle the golden ticket in front of Charlie, and then they snatch it away right as he's about to enter Wonka Factory.

    I will never trust you again. Never! (Unless you ask me to a Gold Class movie)