Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I say and do stupid things when I am wasted

Went for a birthday party at Sentosa for a close friend last Thursday, and drank way more than I should. It's hard being an Indian sometimes you know, everyone has this expectation of you - namely you have to out-drink everyone else and then proceed to beat up women (or at least curse at them).

Anyway like I said, I had a little too much to drink, and apparently I said and did some stupid things. I remember vaguely preaching to a girl there about my knowledge of metal bands and the genre in great detail. I mean which girl wouldn't want to hear about such a lively topic at a party right? And I think I went on for quite a while as well. Yup they don't call me Indian Romeo for nothing. Probably made her night.

Ended the night at km8 (beach pub) by singing along with the birthday girl various songs from Muse, mainly taken from the Absolution album because that is their best. At 3 am in the morning. There was a whole group of us who were there, and apparently our vocal harmonies were not very appreciated as much as I thought they were by the others in the group. I think one of them thought it was two cats trying to kill each other.

Of course the worse part was that I puked. Yes, I did go away a fair distance from the group before I did so they wouldn't know, but still it sucked. Damn my one quarter Chinese blood, it wouldn't have happened if I was all Indian. Yes, my grandma was Chinese. So my dear Su (who has known me for 4 years), you better not say I never told you before (even though I know I did). Or maybe you never really knew me like I thought you did.


  1. erm dude. i think it's way more than 4 years.. 5 or 6?

    but i SWEAR you didn't tell me. OR maybe i was allergic to chinese at that time, so all talks or mention of anything cheena didn't register. i SWEAR you didn't tell me lah!

    ps: in case i get hauled by the gahmen for being racist, (our country all banging abt racial wait, harmony) let me clear this up: i'm half cheena, i talk to cheena, i have cheena friends and i like cheena folks.

  2. eh! what a disappointment to the mamas! the whole merlion thing - tsk!

    p/s: I am thinking that my 1/4 thai blood pretty much puts me in the same position as you...

  3. well I'm fully cheena (albet a dna-mix of taiwanese, chinese and malaysian cheena-ness), and have never ever had to puke from overdrinking ;)

  4. i hope my earlier comment/rambling doesn't label me as weird.

    Oh just want to add. It's not half cheena. It's 1/4 cheena and 1/4 japo.

    No diff. I can't even drink to save myself. Lucky you.

  5. Bertie, you forgot to line your stomach with a stick of butter..didn't the manjan uncles in the coffeshop teach you anything.

  6. Su: I did.

    Malz: Wow could this be fate ? We are both 1/4 something.

    Jiaqi: Hello are just a freak!

    Su: Weird is just another word for exotic.

    Rajah: Hmm well considering my beer belly I would need a lot of butter.