Thursday, April 19, 2007

How to piss off a Japanese girl

How do you repay someone who was super nice to you while you are visiting in a foreign country? Well for one, you SHOULDN'T piss them off by being crude and hitting on her.

K the problem with the stallion (other than referring to himself in the third animal) is that sometimes he says stupid things. I'm referring to something I did in Tokyo. Our Japanese host (whom we shall call Y) drove three hours so that we could see Mount Fuji, after which she brought us to this lovely eatery for tea-break.

As we were having our "macha" and green tea we noticed this rather interesting contraception contraption on our table, it was like a mini roulette wheel. Y explained to us that it's a fortune telling machine, basically you put in a coin and it spits out a piece of paper with your fortune in Japanese. We decided to go for it , and she read the fortunes of my two companions first. The paper described their fortunes in different aspects of their lives like love, finance, and friendship. They got pretty much positive news.

Then it was my turn. The ball spinned wildly was I put the coin in, and then a piece of paper spat out. Y read the paper for a long time. I inquired excitedly about what my fortune was in terms of my love life, which up to then has been pretty much non-existent. She looked at me with sadness in her eyes, the kind of look you give to a puppy that needs to be put down.

Me: So tell me what does it say about my love life?
Her: Actually the section on your love life is practically non-existent. But the good news is that your finances are in good shape. As long as you don't overspend.
Me: Wow thanks. But come on there must be something on my love life! Anything!
Her: Well there is something, but it's not really significant.
Me: It's ok just tell me.
Her: Well it says that You like to don't know how to translate it to English sorry.
Me: Is it "Do women"?

The look she gave me was one of complete disgust. I was just trying to help her, but instead ended up pissing her off. It could be a cultural thing, maybe saying you like to "do women" isn't widely accepted there?

On the drive back from Mount Fuji, I tried to make small talk to diffuse the tense situation, asked her about the kind of guy she likes but she completely ignored me.

What do you know, that piece of paper pretty much got it right.


  1. I am appalled to think of the Stallion "doing" anything other than women. :P

    Maybe you should have said, "Do women, favours."

    Or something like that.


  2. well, do this like mr. Sudanese..

  3. I think you mean "contraption" XP

    Weird-looking contraception on table...lmao.

    Oh, and with regards to your latest post...I hate people in general, or at least I do right now -.-

  4. Femme: Well I just said the first thing that came in my head. Not literally, as in what I was thinking of.

    Jiaqi: Sigh that's a harsh punishment, I mean which one of us never thought about having sex with an animal? people get lonely.

    Jhanee: Thanks love, corrected already. Ha well u hate me too then?

  5. er, maybe you just aren't a woman guy. maybe your life is to be single and go to massage parlors for sex. at least, there you get what you want. the girls are nice.

  6. Anonymous: Thanks for the tip, I can see you are speaking from personal experience.

  7. hahah, I thought it was pretty funny.

    If she got offended by that, she needs to lighten up. I live in Japan, and that joke totally would have made a splash among most younger people, so don`t worry about having made a cultural faux pas.