Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Are couple seats only for couples?

I went for a mini movie marathon last Saturday with a girl friend, we decided to stay up all night and watch two movies in a row - The Namesake and Freedom Writers. I proceeded to buy the tickets for the Namesake and then we both entered the cinema.

As we took our seats I realized that I had picked couple seats, you know the pair of seats where you could actually raise the middle arm-rest and get all cosy. I was naturally excited as I never sat in a couple seat before, and I started to raise the arm-rest.

Her: What are you doing?
Me : Raising the hand rest, what do you think?
Her: Don't. (looks at me sternly)
Me : But it's a couple seat! You are supposed to raise the hand rest!
Her: I said no. I wanna rest my arm on the hand rest.

She then glared at me till I let go of the hand rest, she gave me this pretty scary look as if she would have tried to break my arm if I tried to raise it. Was kinda bummed about her reaction but I let it go. And you know what, she didn't even rest her arm on the arm-rest the entire movie. I don't understand women sometimes, they keep saying one thing and then doing another.

The movie was pretty good if a bit slow, it's about an Indian couple who move to the US and their struggles integrating with the American way of life, and also focuses on their American-born children (mainly the son) and how he struggles with his roots while growing up there. The title of the movie refers to the son's name which was given to him by his dad, he rejects it and gets it changed without realizing the
significance of it.

So that was the first movie. We then went to buy tickets for Freedom Writers, and I indicated to the cashier that I wanted the couple seats again, but then my friend interjected.

Her: Just get the normal seats.
Me : But we sat in the couple seats earlier, why not just choose the same seats again.
Her: I don't want the couple seats, just get the normal seats.
Me : But I don't understand ....why can't we just get ....

Yep, she practically screamed at me, and till now I still am not sure why. The cashier started snickering, and she didn't even tried to hide that fact from me. Humiliated, I silently selected two non-couple seats from the selection screen and paid for them. We went into the cinema again and sat down, not exchanging a single word or glance.

The seats felt very different, but not for the reason you might think. The immovable armrest between us was now more than just a physical barrier, it had become an emotional one as well. Directly behind us was the couple seats, occupied by a very snugly couple without any barriers between them. I would give you a review of the movie, but I was fighting back tears for almost four-fifths of it so I couldn't really concentrate on it.

As we left the cinema, I realized that there was still a barrier between my friend and I, one that probably would never be raised.


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  2. sweetie, ill go to the movie with you and we get couple seats ok? :)

  3. Despite going down crashing and burning, it was nevertheless a valiant effort.

    p.s. Nice try with the innocence plea about not knowing that it was a couple seat. Yeah right. ;)

  4. I liked Freedom Writers, was hoping to see your review. Pity that your tears got in the way :(

  5. Lol you're very funny. Nice try though.

  6. a bit late, this comment, but oh dear poor bert.. *pat pat*

  7. Jiaqi: Hello I think I have a right to be after the treatment I got.

    Frivoli: Ha I will hold you to that.

    Jaywalk: Hello I really didn't know ok!

    Kelvin: Ha sorry, the memory is too painful so not gonna do a review.

    Jes: Thanks love!

    Maddie: What to do, that's my fate.